Authorized Dealers

At the DockinaBox® in Innisfil, Ontario, we design, manufature and sell various Floating, Pipe Docks and Dock accessories. While many of our customers choose to install their docks on their own by observing our easy step-by-step instructions, we can also connect you with our installation and maintenance partners who have been carefully selected by DockinaBox®. Because we are the engineer, designer and manufacturer of  our boat docking systems, we are able to stand behind our product. On top of that, we have dealers across Ontario who can assist you locally and provide you the opportunity to own the highest quality modular docks on the market.

We are always looking for new dealers who can represent DockinaBox. If you would like to explore the dealer option with us and learn more about our Dealer Program, please complete the applcation below.

Aqua Bay

Gardiner Marine

Hutten & Co. Land and Shore

  • 177602 Grey County Rd 18
    Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
    N4K 5N5
  • Phone: 1-519-376-9364
  • Fax: 1-519-376-9365
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  • Servicing: Serving the Grey and Bruce County Regions.