Floating Docks

DockinaBox® has floating options available for all budgets, applications and locations, and because so many of our docks are designed and manufactured in-house, we are able to offer features, innovations and technology that is exclusive to us.

INSTALLATION and DELIVERY Services Available.

Check out our product videos to assist you with your selection and to view options and accessories. 

Starting Price: $Starting at $1,600

Ideal for small to medium sized bodies of water with waves up to 2 feet. Accommodates boats up to 30'. Ideal for residential use.

Starting Price: $1935

Perfect for larger bodies of water with waves up to 3'. Accommodates boats up to 40' long. Ideal for rugged residential, marina & commercial applications.

Starting Price: Call / Email

Ideal for medium to large bodies of water with up to 4’ waves. Boat sizes up to 40’ and up. Commercial, marina or very rugged residential applications.