• Starting Price: $480.00

ST Designer Ladder   

Available in 3, 4, 5 , 6 Steps - Anodized Coated!

Designed in 2012, the ST Ladder is the flagship in the industry! Designed and manufactured by DockinaBox®, the ST Ladder offers a number of exclusive features that make it one of the most desirable dock ladders available today. The tall curved top rails provide a smooth streamlined look that is as comfortable as it is appealing.

One of the greatest features of the ST Ladder is its fold down-up design. By releasing the locking pin the ladder folds to a comfortable 20 degree angle in the water. This keeps the ladder steps out of the water, free of floating debris and makes for effortless winter storage. The top steps have a slight ovular shape with comfortable ridges for traction and comfort.

PRICES: 3 Step: $480.00*4 Step: $505.00 * 5 Step: $530.00 *6 Step: $555.00

Hardware Not Included: Please ask which hardware is needed for your situation. Add $55.00 for DockinaBox® Standard Duty and $60.00 for a Heavy Duty Bracket System

*All Prices Exclude HST

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