• Starting Price: $188

Solar Powered Bird Repellor

A solar panel powers a 5-foot telescoping “arm” mounted above the unit that spins continuously. Birds will be frightened by the movement and will avoid the area.


  • Solar Powered with rechargeable batteries!
  • Lightweight / easy to mount!
  • Portable unit with on/off switch!
  • Can be mounted on flat or angled surfaces!
  • Rotates at 30 RPM's!
  • Sweeps birds continually - covers up to 5' in diameter!
  • Comes with 2-AA rechargeable batteries for extended operation during dark periods


The Solar Bird Repeller is a visual bird deterrent used to scare birds from concentrated areas. Two adjustable “arms” cover up to 5 ft in diameter by turning continuously at 30 RPM’s.
A solar panel powers a heavy duty, brushless motor which will store energy. The Solar Bird Repeller is portable, and can store energy to keep it lasting into the night.

Where To Use

The Solar Bird Repeller is ideal for concentrated areas where large pest birds have become a nuisance: Signs, Boats, Streetlights, A.C. units, Docks, Swim platforms, Walls, Roofs, Chimney caps, Skylights

The Bird Repeller is effective for large pest birds: Pigeons, Crows, Gull, Cormorants, Vultures




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