• Starting Price: $1980

Super Duty Pipe Series

Perfect for medium to large sized bodies of water with up to 5 foot waves. This dock accommodates boats over 40 feet long and can be used in commercial, marina or very rugged residential locations.

One of our most popular sizes, especially when wanting a patio or sitting area at the end. Light and very manageable. Comes with DeckWave® decking, leg pockets and foot pads. 

Highlights Include: Deep triple chamber for ultimate strength and a unique hybride design with 9 degree angled legs, oversized piping and built in cable and water trays. Also, it comes with DeckWave® decking

Exclusive Features

  •     Deep triple chambered side rail for an even stronger and rigid frame
  •     9 degree angled legs for the most stable leg design available
  •     Cantilevering legs allow you to position the legs in ideal location
  •     Slide in decking panels will not blow out
  •     2" traction strip on sides for added safety
  •     No protruding pipes for a cleaner look
  •     Lake bottom anchoring adds to stability
  •     20" adjustable legs offer more height
  •     Special locking connectors add strength, rigidity and permit adding additional sections

Note: It is recommended you remove pipe docks for the winter. Do not leave in the ice.

Super Duty Dock Pricing
Dock Sizes Ramp Section Standing Section Add On Section End Caps
(Width x Length) *Dock top only, used as a ramp *Self standing with 4 legs *Connects to shore or another section Where Required
4' x 10' $1640 $2330 $1980 $85
4' x 14' $2390 $3100 $2740 $85
6' x 10' $1980 $2650 $2320 $95
6' x 14' $2790 $3460 $3130 $95
8' x 10' $2350 $3020 $2690 $105
8' x 14' $3290 $3990 $3460 $105
  Includes: Frame & Decking Includes: Frame, Decking, 4 Leg Mounting Brackets, Heavy Duty Sand Feet and Hardware. Includes: Frame, Decking, 2 Leg Mounting Brackets, Heavy Duty Sand Feet and Hardware.  
*All Docks Come with Solid or Vented Deckwave Decking!