Knock Off Warning!!

Yes, mockery is a great form of flattery, unfortunately in the marketplace its often at the expense of QUALITY!

You do not have to look hard to discover many of the best brands in the marketplace are being mimicked by "Copy Cat Brands" or "Knock Off's".

Unfortunately quality is always compromised, no warranties provided, and inferior in the finer features but that doesn’t stop them from producing it… and misinformed consumers from buying it!

Look at some of the popular "knock-off" watches, the diamonds aren't real, the components rust, they're not weather resistant, but they sure look like the real thing… and if you impress your friends for a mere $50 bucks then that's a good deal!

While compromising the integrity of the product in the interest of saving a few dollars may be aesthetically and superficially appealing for some things, when it comes to your valuable boat and cottage dock, its just not worth it!

Knock-offs are typically produced ONLY to look like the real DockinaBox® dock but most definitely will not perform like one and will not stand the test of time and rough waters like the one and only DockinaBox®.

The knock-offs carry no enforceable warranty, and DockinaBox® will not service any knock off products.

If you suspect that a similar looking product is being represented as a DockinaBox® product please do the following;

  1. Ask the salesperson the origin of the product
  2. Ask if they are an authorized dealer for DockinaBox®
  3. Inquire about the warranty
  4. Contact us to verify their affiliation

In closing, most consumers do not realize that many of the knock-offs being produced are not without a price to pay. International resources are often utilized therefore the revenues are moved off shore, representation is deceitful, and the hard work, research and innovation invested into the one and only DockinaBox® is compromised.

Don’t believe that the knock-offs are just as good as DockinaBox®, be a smart consumer and contact us or any of our Authorized Dealers for the REAL DockinaBox®

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