Dock Ladders

At DockinaBox® we have perfected the Dock Ladder. This might seem a bold claim, but we truly do believe DockinaBox® has perfected the boat dock ladder. After years of selling dock ladders, we have listened to our customers and designed and manufactured our own.


We are very pleased to offer the following ladder styles with an abundance of great features!


Starting Price: $400

Flip-up or bolt-down options with 1.25" aluminum tubing that is 25% thicker than most ladders and 15 degree angled sides for safety and ease of use.

Starting Price: $560

Our ST Designer ladder is available in 3, 4 ,5 or 6 steps and features a unique folding design that eliminates slime build-up.

Starting Price: $695

The Premium ST Ladder has a huge 12 inch top step when folded down with molded and rubber traction.