• Starting Price: $140.

Vertical Siding Bumper

Our unique vertical adjustable bumper system is ideal for changing water depths and will protect your boat and dock from wave damage. They will also prevent canoes, kayaks or rowing shells from sliding under the dock and provide a grab handle to make getting in or out easier and safer. Available in grey or beige

Standard & Heavy Duty Series

30" VSB  $140.00

42" VSB  $155.00

Super Duty Series

30" VSB $155.00

42" VSB $170.00



May We Suggest

Starting Price: $Starting at $ 1,070.00

Perfect for small to medium sized bodies of water up to 2 foot waves. Accommodates boat sizes up to 25 feet. Excellent for residential cottage use.

Starting Price: $30 and up

Starting Price: $2,157

Ideal for small to medium sized bodies of water with waves up to 2 feet. Accommodates boats up to 30'. Ideal for residential use.

Starting Price: $4.99/ft.

Protect your dock with our top and bottom bumper system (grey or beige) for a clean integrated appearance.